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When we take more time to focus we begin to feel deeper into the benefits of our yoga practise and the natural dynamic that comes from slowing it all down.  This brings confidence to enter the intensity that washes over in the stillness and  from the meditative ease of  breathing.  In this we receive what yoga is,  being present.  Come and explore with Yoga Workshops, they are well worth the time, they never stop giving.


Yoga Day Workshops Water Yoga
Water Yoga and Land Yoga Day Workshop

Nov 30 Waterbody Landbody

Title:    Waterbody Landbody with Kathryn and Katy
Venue:   Chailey Heritage Foundation BN8 4EF
Time:    1015-1630 Deposit £20 NOW

Fee:       Fee £66

Please contact Kathryn to enquire. Numbers limited to 10

An elemental approach to yoga workshops is encompassed with Waterbody Landbody.   We will reveal the true nature of our fluid body, and the body of sensation often called the pain body.  And how it all feels!

The purpose of this workshop is to connect to prana  .. life force .. chi

Whether moving in water or on land these aspects of being in a body may at times may be restrictive causing physical and mental contraction which affects our thinking our feelings, co-ordination or trigger intense pain and neurological inflammation.  All of which are challenging for our feeling of wellbeing as well as our range of movement.

Because the body is 80 percent water, Yoga in water creates confidence to allow the natural unfolding of what is held in the cell memories of our waterbody. Combining this with gently working our landbody and the effects of gravitational pull,  gives opportunity to find better ways of coping and living in a body with ever changing demands on an already highly stimulated nervous system.    more

Workshop is lead by Kathryn and Katy offer. Click for more on Katy

Yoga Workshops
Open Heart Open Mind Let your Yoga Dance

Dec 8 Open Heart Open Mind Yoga Dance

Venue:  Tythe Barn RH12 5JF

Dance Yoga Workshops with Kathryn. Lightness comes when we accept heaviness, the natural pull of gravity.  We will explore the openness that comes from embracing our lightness of being with an introduction to Tai Chi, followed by guided and freeform movement to an eclectic range of music to support and inspire movement and breath, lightness and Joy.

Come and welcome lightness into you heart so the mind may rest in calm abiding. More on Yoga Dance

No dance or yoga experience required just a curiosity and fascination with life. Free parking.

Yoga Workshops
Yoga Workshop Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra Maser Class

Dec 16  Restorative and Yoga Nidra daytime

Venue:  Friends RH12 1SL

Yoga Workshops during the day or in the evening in a supportive, safe environment. Offering the  empowering practises of Restorative Yoga, gateway to stress release through deeply relaxing supported yoga postures.

Experience the joy of dissolving tension, improving strength, flexibility, mobility and the power of building resilience in the nervous system.

Includes a deliciously nourishing and deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra

Chakra Meditation Workshop
Yoga Workshop Chakras of the Aura Master Class

Dec 16  Meditation Mantra Mudra Chakra

Venue:  Tythe Barn RH12 5JF

Dec 18 Meditation Mantra Mudra Chakra

Venue:  Friends Meeting House RH12 1SL

Yoga workshops offering enquiry into Meditation as ‘posturing’ thru euro and enquiring into your Chakras. Exploring the benefits of Mudra, hand or body gestures to enhance the breadth and depth of meditatively embodying body posture using mantra as an aid to tune-in to subtleties that arise when focussing the mind on the heart. Includes some authentic movement. This is the Yoga of Enquiry.

Thank you very much Kathryn for a really enjoyable Yoga Workshop, liberating both physically and mentally.   Qi Gong felt natural, warming and loosening specially working outside. I loved the free movement.  At the end the yoga nidra was so absorbing I felt transported and I came home feeling renewed.


Enlightening yoga workshop which has enabled me to start to understand the need to live in the present through the body and the breath, and resist the pull of the ever-chattering mind which can live in the past and the future, thereby re-writing historical facts or distort the future. The present does neither of these things; it is simply that, the present. The other key takeaway for me was a sense of compassion both for those around the room and for myself. This was experienced through the listening sessions. Quietening the mind facilitates the capacity to truly listen to others and connect with my own heart with compassion.


Yoga Workshop
Yoga Workshop Fundraiser

Yoga Workshops Fundraiser Let your Yoga Dance

Event 2017 raised £525  .. THANK YOU .. ALL OF YOU

Your donation brings light into dark lives

For every £5 you spend someone is gifted away from harm away from persecution and in a safe sanctuary with a Yoga and Meditation class, English class and 1 hot meal/week.

Our Mala Charity No: 1161394

Let your Yoga Dance.  Finding JOY!  Having fun fun fun whilst enjoying movement to music to encourage a healthy body, breath, heart, soul and brain.  When we enquire into our own personal yoga dance we are inviting our own energy to connect to the ground to universal energy that flows through nature and connects us to all that is.  This brings JOY!. It is all about Fun Fun Fun to be yourself and enjoy yourself with others.  It’s for everyone. Even if you wish to sit in a chair. Contact