Yoga Nidra Addiction

Yoga Nidra Addiction Horsham Yoga
Love is the greatest healer

Yoga Nidra Addiction Programme

Yoga reveals our mental and emotional attitude and offers reflection on how we posture in life.

Kathryn invited those on a residential 12-step recovery programme to be bold, to drift in and out of the shadows and embrace both the pleasure and the pain of insight with a  Yoga Nidra Addiction programme.

In this practice, self-observation, non-harming and truthfulness form the foundations upon which it is possible to develop the capacity to witness  thoughts, feelings and all life.

This is Yoga

Change happens when we are willing to take the first step. Here are some of the responses offered willingly and respectfully maintaining anonymity.      Kathryn  



“Yoga for me is now less about physical movement and more about moving into a meditative state. It helps to slow down my obsessive and often insane mind so I may breathe into parts of my body that hurt. I never knew it was possible to relieve pain like this. A wonderful experience to feel fear around my illness and work with it with my own breath.”   Anon


“I  found it hard at first to sit with myself. Yoga has taught me to enjoy my own company, gives me peace of mind, brings calmness and shows me positive energy as opposed to all the negativity I was holding. In stressful situations I can now step back, take a breath and be at peace. Yoga has given me the connection I look for in a Higher Power.”  Anon


“I do not like making sounds but it helped me to breath properly, to deal with emotions and feelings. Yoga helps me to be more confident. I enjoy the strength and balance that comes from stretching my mind.  I now find I am more  able to focus on improving my concentration and patience both with myself and with others.”   Anon

Unresolved Trauma

“It is rare to find a yoga practitioner linking personal practice to individual underlying issues, like unresolved trauma manifesting in addiction. Kathryn is highly attuned to the varying aspects within addiction and extremely insightful with individuals in early recovery. Vulnerable, damaged adults are often unable to make disclosures in early treatment. Her feedback on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing serves to inform a multi-disciplinary team earlier. I personally find this crucial within the treatment of addictions.”

Addictions Manager – Residential Rehab  Surrey

Yoga guides us beyond the busyness of the mind.

Yoga Nidra is a guided mindful, body oriented meditation that may be learned by anyone from any walk of life.  Yoga Nidra provides a self-directed access to resilience in the face of challenge and brings peace of mind amidst a chaotic and often ruthless world.

An invitation to less doing, to step back into witnessing and welcome more of who you are, Pure Being.

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No yoga experience required. Everyone is welcome. Please contact Kathrynfor a FREE trial or head to the iRest site and enjoy a short intro.