Yoga in Horsham

Ageless, timeless, adaptive Yoga in Horsham. A tantric view of nature, the universe and relationships. Where no one thing or no one is left out. Where everything is included and viewed as a seamless whole. And where Spirit and Matter are inextricably linked and inter-woven all together, as One. This is Unity. It is both the function of Nature and Life itself as well as the meaning of Yoga.

Horsham Yoga is offering on line classes during social distancing.

Yoga Nidra iRest

Yoga Nidra iRest, the foundation for healing. A meditative, adaptive approach supporting a broad base of needs ie chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, MS, ME, arthritis etc. Increase range of mobility, improve stability, confidence and find inner peace of mind. Mon mornings.

Timetable and Mixed Ability

Suitable for anyone wishing to improve their yoga practise. Classes offer Yoga Postures, Qi Gong, Breathing and Yoga Nidra. Focus is to increase awareness through a meditative approach this brings a greater sense of strength and of being at ease. There is a new class Saturday morning Click below for Timetable


Build a firm foundation to suit your own needs. Suitable for those starting out or recapping regardless of ability. Includes all aspects of a rounded yoga practise, with postures, breathing, balance, meditation and relaxation. Postures are adapted as required.

Wisdom Years

An opportunity to work with a Boomer generation Yoga Elder with a 36 year practise. Just starting out or looking for support with ongoing health conditions, dipping back into practise after time out, these classes safely guide and nurture to encourage a sense deep self care. Includes Qi Gong. Wed am

Restorative Yoga

Suitable for anyone at any time of life, including Boomers and Beginners. Helps reinforce and recover mobility after injury or surgery. Reduce anxiety, depression. Guidance is given with supportive postures to aid breathing and deep relaxation. Wed AM

Yoga Meditation

Meditation for Beginners and Meditation for Improvers. Approach is threefold, concentration techniques to practise at home, insight meditation for those wishing to go beyond technique and meditation in motion: spontaneous embodied practises Wed Eve.

Master Classes

Popular, occasional 2hr deep dive classes on favourite or challenging topics from class. More time to investigate more thoroughly and enjoy the rewards and safety of deepening a yoga practise that comes from a more relaxed, longer period for integration.

Qigong Yoga in Horsham

Qigong helps improve balance and breath to restore equilibrium of mind and body. Its slow movements and gentle breathing affects even the smallest muscles and every organ and gland in the body. It is said that when Qigong is mastered the foundation is set for Tai Chi, dance of the Universe. Wed morning and evening.

Yoga Dance

All that is needed is a desire to have fun and willingness to welcome yourself to the floor. No experience needed. Combines yoga philosophy with guided and free motion yoga dance and music. Yoga Dance heals body, mind, spirit and brain. Warning … Joy may arise!