Yoga Classes in Horsham Timetable

Horsham Yoga Classes Timetable  

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Also offering one to one on-line to support individual needs.  

£8/class in advance. Payment PayPal or BACS please Contact Kathryn to register your interest or book below and you will receive a Zoom link to join the class.

On line Classes

SAT May 30- Jun 20
1115 -1230 MIXED ABILITY WARRIOR YOGA 4wks/£32
Exploring the realm of the Warrior. GENERAL Yoga class highlighting flow, flexibility, mobilisation and mental focus. Introducing pratapana for range of movement, pranayama for improved lung capacity, and the ease of the inner warrior with yoga nidra for perpetual stillness.
MON May 25-Jun 15
Yoga Nidra OPEN Class suitable for all with Pratapana for mobilisation. Everyone welcome. Suitable for all abilities particularly for those with stiff bodies, or in pain suffering with anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, CFS, ME.
MON May 25- Jun 15
IMPROVERS moving on to deeper practises. Integrating the Beginners foundation process to a greater range of motion and deeper awareness of balance thru focus, resilience,
breath and meditation
WED May 27-Jun 17
BEGINNERS welcome. Open GENERAL mixed ability class for ongoing practise or for those just starting. introducIng Qigong for balance and ease of movement and Relaxing Yoga Nidra to rest in stillness
WED May 27-Jun 17
1900 -2015 QIGONG & YOGA MEDITATION 4wks/£32
IMPROVERS and BEGINNERS all abilities welcome to Qigong and a wide range of Yoga Meditation Techniques for greater awareness, perpetual stillness and resilience.

Yoga classes with Kathryn offers postures, breathing, meditation, Qigong and relaxation. The yoga offered is adaptive, remedial and restorative as well as stimulating, meditative and relaxing. Different approaches may be discovered from general mixed ability to Beginners Yoga and Meditation.   Classes include Yoga Nidra iRestQi Gong or Restorative Yoga all interwoven with yoga philosophy.  The approach and content of each Yoga Class can be wide based to encourage a strong grounded, meditative foundation for life. See Yoga Classes in Horsham Timetable above.

Duration of Classes may vary from 60 mins to 75 mins. Or there are 2hr Master Classes, 3 hour  Workshops and Yoga Dance with Kathryn for Dancemantra Dance Collective and all day programmes like Water Yoga and Weekend Retreats    Kathryn offers a full range of options as a progressive way to learning and to go deeper into your own yoga practise which naturally develops over time. Unsure of the right class for you why not try a free class, subject to availability.  Contact Kathryn here

Classes are small enough to cater for individual needs, are supportive with assistance and allow time for individual experience to nurture personal development. Each class is specific in its intention and General Classes are suitable for everyone. Yoga is suitable for all ages, ranges of motion, abilities and challenges.  Everyone from Beginner to Yoga Teacher is welcome. If you are unsure of the best class for you or have questions or concerns please contact Kathryn

Terms and Conditions

1st Yoga Class FREE  .. not available during social distancing. 

Yoga Classes 2020 Discounted rate for dedicated students £40.00/5 consecutive classes. £10 drop-in  enq

Please don’t ask for credit if you are unable to attend. Why not be creative and gift your class to a friend or family member? All are welcome enquire

Kathryn’s years of experience as a teacher is key and very different to instructors who may only have experience of maybe one sort of yoga or have done fitness yoga and teach in accordance with the postures as opposed to working with the mind, body and breath to expose a myriad of limitations and discover new possibilities.  Inspiring!

SM Physical Therapist

I have never given my body much time or thought.  I take it for granted.  My body works and I work it hard.  Often sitting badly at a computer late into the night. I was amazed at how when being still, focussing on the breath and connecting deeply to the ground my body found a range of movement and flexibility I never would have dreamed of and my mind began to still .. and this is just my first class. Terrific.