Yoga Heals Pain and finds Joy on the Path of Love


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Yoga Heals Pain and finds Joy on The Path of Love

Ah the Yoga of Childhood!  Endless summer days,  climbing the hay barn finding the kittens. Swimming in the rain in the open-air pool.  Helter skeltering down the snow slopes in the park with the excitement of whether the pond may crack or the sled glide with ease and without incident.

Yes the ice had given way before.

Hypothermia was nothing compared to the severity of the acid tongue lashing from my mother’s war dance of irritation.  Ashamed, guilty and fearful how would I ever contain the shame?

So what happened to ‘that’ girl, to those open-ended experiences that seemed beyond the boundaries of space and time.  And what of the critical judgements and harsh words that would lead to the flagellation of corrosive self criticism and self destructive behaviour?

Dark Side

Adolescence throws up a whirlwind of unexplained dynamics, discomforts, enjoyments and explorations.  The brilliance of success as well as the depths of the darkness.   Facing inadequacies, excruciating pain of deep anxiety, personal insecurity and depression, a kaleidoscope of rich colours, muddy greys, conflict and confusion.


Longing for some imagined carefree ease of existence it was easy to settle into the tantalising seduction of sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll.   Heady days, a splendid distraction from daily humdrum.  Then without warning, finding myself at a place I had once known, timeless, boundless, infinitely eternal and yet here in a yoga class, beyond form and space.


So rational mind asks, “how does that happen, how can time appear to stand still?”   So yoga, what is this? Sometimes when I practice and often when I don’t there is a flicker a rekindling of all that is good.  Feeling connected to life with every fibre of my being, where nothing else comes close and yet beyond the sensuality of it all, there is no where it is not!


Life everywhere  inter-connected, nothing separate, where the senses are alive to the elements that connect us to the earth, to the planets, to one another and to JOY itself.

So perhaps it is possible to heal pain and suffering and restore equilibrium and that life is in fact a series of seamless interwoven moments that may be experienced as experiments on The Path of Love.


Kathryn Varley is a Yoga Elder and Acharya sharing non-dual teachings from life experience.  She leads, classes, workshops, retreats and trainings visit 




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