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What is Yoga Dance?

Grace in Motion happens when you let your Yoga Dance; a chakra dance explosion happens. Seven energy centers provide the foundation for this dance of yoga.  Combines yoga philosophy, the breath, and user-friendly dance with fabulous music from all around the world. It is a sacred inspirational dance of the multi-dimensional self, bringing tons of fun and healing to body, mind, spirit and brain. These are Soul Movements. 

Sessions alternate every other month with Kathryn leading Yoga Dance and Nalini leading Dance of awareness.  Together they call this Dancemantra a community dance cooperative.

Dec 8  Yoga Dance Open Mind and Heart

Yoga Dance Horsham
Open Heart Open MInd

Venue:  Tythe Barn RH12 5JF

Yoga Dance Workshops with Kathryn. Lightness comes when we accept heaviness, the natural pull of gravity.  We will explore the openness that comes from embracing our lightness of being with an introduction to Tai Chi, followed by guided and freeform movement to an eclectic range of music to support and inspire movement and breath, lightness and Joy.

Come and welcome lightness into you heart so the mind may rest in calm abiding.

What to expect with Yoga Dance?

Allow your Self to be curious. Expect Joy, Laughter and lots of Fun.

Yoga Dance

Thank you Kathryn for a really enjoyable Let your Yoga Dance. Dancing is liberating both physically and mentally and the work we did out doors warming, loosening and natural. I love the free movement and wide variety of inspiring music.  Imaginative dance ideas were helpful and fun. And at the end an absorbing yoga nidra.  I came home renewed.


 What happens in Let your Yoga Dance?

We dance the Yoga of the wild and woolly, the sexy and silly, the deep and delicious. We wrap ourselves in our biggest embodied self while dancing beyond our dreams. We are held in the sacred arms of mother earth while simultaneously honoring her. We are shaken to our core by drums and rhythms of the Earth. We dance our animal archetypes and our spirit prayers. We dance our energy, inviting it to flow upward from the base of  the spine up through the crown of the head, and back down to the earth again. Result? A blissful body, joyous heart, a steady and quiet mind.

Loved the workshop, I am still smiling! I couldn’t believe how quickly time flew by and yes I did feel JOY!  –  a great sense of freedom and abandonment. It was truly wonderful.  Thank you Kathryn.


Dancing with awareness is a mindful viewing beyond self consciousness that may take us out of the choreography of day to day same old same old repetitive thought constructs.  For instance, like dancing on the spot, going around in circles in the mind.   So come and explore inspiration itself, for there is much in life to celebrate.  Release, renew, revitalise and find the dance song of Soul Movements.

Kathryn thank you.  Let your Yoga Dance is truly inspiring. I loved how you managed the session whilst encouraging much self-expression. The group felt safe and relaxed in your hands. I fitted in straight away.

Being lead as part of a group was like sharing a unique moment together, feeling free to be expressive, receptive to guidance and willing to open our hearts to each other and to JOY. Loved it!



Tythe Barn Pondtail Road Horsham  RH12 5JF

Holbrook Tythe Barn has underfloor heating, a treat for relaxation in the winter. It is a renovated old oak beam barn, set in grass surroundings, with patio, and ample free car parking click directions.

2hour Sunday sessions 1030-1230 is £20 in advance or please contact if you wish to drop-in.  It is our intention to make these classes accessible and available to every one regardless of income, mobility or or agility.

3hour workshops are £30 and need to be booked in advance. And there will be Day Workshops and Evening Sessions available in 2018 on the same basis with payment in advance.

For Enquiries or if you wish to pay on the day please contact

At times I held back the tears as giving myself permission to let go was hard because when I did out came the emotions.   I now feel the lightness and the joy for allowing myself to dance this morning. It also reminded me so much of my daughter and how she dances without a care.  Lovely to be free in the body and mind of a child and dance.

Thank you. Jo

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