Boomers Yoga

Boomers Yoga Horsham
Wecolme Wisdom from where you are right now

Yoga and Boomers Yoga is for any one at any time of life with any range of mobility.  It is for all abilities, whether you are in the Wisdom Years or simply clued-in to where you find yourself in life right now.  Combined with the slow movements of Qi Gong this is a smart choice. An opportunity to learn from a Yoga Elder how best to adapt for a confident body and a calm mind.   A choice of two daytime classes

Jan 15 – Feb 13 Boomers Yoga

Exploring Qi Gong & Restorative Yoga
Venues:  Horsham RH13 5DZ
Time:    1100-1200
Fee:       £42.50/5 wks

Contact Kathryn for a FREE class

Boomers Wisdom Yoga offers something for everyone.  Whether just starting out or simply looking for a new class.

Boomers Yoga for the Wise person you are

All yoga is adaptive for absolutely  any one with any range of ability.  No one is excluded at Horsham Yoga. Also suitable for complete beginners and nothing to do with age, experience religion or beliefs about yourself or the world around you.

Be smart.  Learn how to cope the best way posse with the body you have and find peace of mind.   Or re-kindle the light of a forgotten yoga practice and step into your fullness, explore untapped potential with your very first ever yoga class.

Contact Kathryn NOW to take a FREE class, no obligation.  Come and see for yourself how it feels to be who you really are.</p

Here is where yoga mirrors life and supports what you bring to the world and to the lives of others so you may truly embrace the value of your own heart. This is the true value of Boomers Yoga.

Suitable for conditions such as poor sleep, migraine, arthritis, fibromyalgia, CFS, ME, asthma, sciatica, diabetes, hip replacement and recovery from surgery or injury, anxiety, depression etc.  Adaptable to suit your personal needs.

Any questions or concerns about yoga please contact Kathryn or in the Autumn why not book yourself a block of Boomers Yoga and Restorative Yoga classes to enjoy and realise the benefits of the cumulative affect a yoga practice can have in your life. All enquiries are welcome.