Water Yoga

Water Yoga
Waterbody Landbody

2019 July 27 Saturday with Kathryn Varley & Katy Offer

Title:    Waterbody Landbody
Venue: Chailey Heritage Foundation BN8 4EF
Time:    1030-1630
Book:   £58 early bird deposit £20 and balance £38 by May 2019 after May full price £63  

This summer workshop promises to be a meditation that reveals the true nature of our fluid body, and the body of sensation often called the pain body.

Lead by Aqua Yoga Therapist Katy Offer who will support you to a sense of greater ease in your ‘fluid’ body and Kathryn , guiding the transference of practises back to the yoga mat, to land.

Whether moving in water or on land these aspects of being in a body may at times may be restrictive causing physical and mental contraction which affects our thinking our feelings, co-ordination or trigger intense pain and neurological inflammation.  All of which are challenging for our feeling of wellbeing as well as our range of movement.

The body is eighty percent water. Due to life’s natural process of change and challenge the body as a system deteriorates over time and the health of its flow of information is compromised.

Water carries memory.  We were originally suspended in fluid in the womb. When we place the body away from the force of gravity as experienced on land and allow it to find its own way of adjusting in water we find it naturally begins to organise itself with a wisdom that is beyond the thinking mind.

Yoga in water creates confidence to allow the natural unfolding of what is held in the cell memories of our waterbody. Combining this with gently working our landbody and the effects of gravitational pull,  gives opportunity to find better ways of coping and living in a body with ever changing demands on an already highly stimulated nervous system.


The workshop is for anyone wishing to explore a greater comfort of mind, movement of body and all round wellbeing.  It is for those wishing to get deeply in touch with more of who they are through listening to the body.  Sessions are twofold:

Land Classes offer a journey with the sensational body. Exploring sensation of movement with breathing, meditation and relaxation in with all the comfort of equipment necessary to support and adapt to suit your personal needs.

Everyone is welcome and particularly anyone who holds a lot of tension and pain in the body system or those recovering from injury, surgery, mental, emotional or neurological challenges. Very gentle sessions lead us through a moving meditation into the sensations of the physical body.   These sessions are with Kathryn Premshakti Varley.  You can read more about Kathryn on this website …  click 

Katy Offer Yoga Teacher Aqua Yoga Instructor and Birthlight Facilitator

Water Classes are in a well heated dedicated hydrotherapy pool. Lighting is from underwater coloured LED’s and black out blinds at the windows offer a soothing experience to encourage and support a deeply personal internal experience of sensation and of water-supported movement.  Floats, equipment such as hoists will be provided if required.

Waterbody sessions are lead by Katy Offer, Yoga Teacher, Professional Aqua Yoga Instructor and Birthlight Facilitator

You can read more about Katy, her work and what Acqua Yoga has to offer by visiting her website .. click


1000                      Welcome and Introduction

1030                      Morning sessions

1230-1345           L u n c h  B r e a k

1400-1600         Afternoon sessions

1630                      Close and end

Food and refreshments are available on site. Menu ideas will be sent in advance. You are welcome to bring your own lunch or eat at the Cafe.

If you are still not sure whether this is for you, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.  Contact

I was not walking terribly well when my osteopath recommended me to Katy and to try Aqua Yoga at a Hydrotherapy pool.

Because of weightlessness you are not putting your full weight down on the repaired limbs so unlikely to cause damage. Over time, we progressed to strengthen other areas.

Now I am confident to walk my dog on the Downs which I was unable to do before without walking sticks.