Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga Horsham
Restorative Yoga and Qigong

Master Classes and Weekly Classes

Restorative Yoga reduces stress, anxiety and depression. It tones the body, is deeply relaxing and is calming for the mind. It is an aid to a creative healthy life.

Supportive, safe and empowering Restorative Yoga is the gateway to stress release and meditation through deep relaxation.  Dissolve tension, enjoy improved mobility to help to live life with purpose and ease.

If you are looking for a yoga class for the first time then you would do well to give this class a try.  Take up the offer of a no obligation FREE trial class now. Contact Kathryn

Qigong Beginners and Improvers

Mar 18-Apr 1 daytime Qigong and Restorative Yoga Weds

Venue: Victoria Street RH13 5DZ
Time:    1100-1200 Wednesdays
Fee:       £25.50 (8 April 2hr class available £20 more)


NEW STARTS Apr 22-Jun 3 Qigong and Restorative Relaxation

Venue: Victoria Street RH13 5DZ
Time:    1200-1300 Wednesdays 
Fee:       £51.50/6wks No class 27 May 

These practises teach us compassion, kindness, tolerance and how to embrace it all in equal measure.  Not only will you stretch and tone the body, you may also notice fluctuations of the mind from busyness to mindfulness.

With an exquisite depth of relaxation all muscles, organs and glands may release tension and receive the healing to support and improve their natural function.  When muscles lengthen, they encourage overly tense areas to soften, yielding brings a greater sense of ease both in the body and in life.


What will I learn?

You will learn about the importance of breath and how it can transform awareness.  From a position of awareness, we learn that we have the power to truly watch our thoughts and feelings and how they may change in an instant.

Restorative yoga elicits a natural relaxation response from taking a pose or position with the action of being still.  For info on Qigong click 

Positions are supported to create a sense of being at ease and a possibility to hold poses for a duration of minutes rather than breaths which is the key to these wonderful practises. All postures are adaptable to suit your individual’s needs.

The key to all yoga practises is how we take them into into our every day life.

For instance, when stressing about a phone call, or when someone is confrontational in conversation, you will learn to quietly draw within to take some gentle breaths and feel calm before responding appropriately. 

And most of all you will learn to feel at home in your body and enjoy the progression as the heart rate lowers and with it comes a sense of calm, stability and feeling empowered.

Just starting out, need another class or a different approach or have never done yoga with Kathryn  please contact her for a free trial space before this course begins. This class is ideal for everyone, including Beginners.

A complete beginner, I took a free trial class.  I had no real expectations. Turned out it was better then I could have imagined.  I felt  a release of frozen tension that I couldn’t previously get out of my body. I kept smiling because it felt terrific.

I have booked the next set of classes and each week I now look forward to my yoga.


Kathryn’s Restorative Yoga is a revelation. After ten stressful years, severe muscle tension had become a habit I seemed unable to break. My first had an astonishing effect, bringing relief that was quite emotional. I’d been apprehensive about dealing with reduced mobility in my elbow from an old fracture but Kathryn’s knowledge and advice leaves me confident that this too may be overcome.
Just wish I’d started this class years ago.


Strong, Powerful, Poised, Relaxed and Supple. Celebrate the JOY of  Restorative Yoga, Qigong and Yoga Nidra 2hr Master Classes. A coming home to your real Self.  For when the heart rate lowers we are embraced by a sense of calm, stability and strong sense of empowerment.