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One to one yoga is all about exploring the right postures to support specific challenges you may face due to mobility, pain or recovery from injury to restore confidence and mobility.  With a personally designed approach it is possible to directly address both the  physical structural requirements for stability, energy levels and ease of movement, as well as offering quality time to enquire into the busyness or distress of a highly active mind.

Hightened mental activity such as anxiety, and low level functioning such as depression will be challenging for the breath.   Insufficient breath can cause distress for the mind physical discomfort or even pain in the muscles and joints of the physical body.

Breath forms the vital link between a healthy body and a healthy mind. Breath feeds the heart and lungs so they may function as they should and the brain can receive the oxygen it needs for optimum performance. All these aspects either feed or deplete vitality, range of movement, sense of ease.  Each one is dependent upon the others and each form part of every yoga session.

A one to one session is extremely helpful. It restored confidence after 3 months doing very little.  One session has done more good than 3 months with a Chiropractor.

Kathryn showed me that I can do a yoga routine without upsetting my lower back.  I look forward to the joyful benefits of practicing yoga at home and hope to return to your classes quite soon.

Having a personally tailored routine created to address my particular needs is perfect, the benefits are significant. Plus I now have a written practise plan to refer to in case I forget.  I am very grateful and can’t thank you enough.


Sometimes we need a little extra help when recovering from physical injury, long term illness, bereavement, surgery or mental health as we simply coming to terms with aches and pains and the many body changes  encountered during a lifetime.  Including anxiety, depression, addiction and trauma, compromised immune systems such as fibromyalgia, CFS, ME.

Individual Yoga Sessions are at hand at the Yoga Clinic with Kathryn Varley IYN Registered Yoga Elder.  With 36yrs experience Kathryn offers support for personal development and individual needs as well as for small private groups.

A typical yoga one to one session is £60 and lasts 60 mins.  The first session is 80 mins, £65,  to allow for discussion. All sessions are on line by arrangement.  Please contact Kathryn with questions, concerns or for a no obligation exploratory conversation to support your individual needs.

Who knew that by not focusing directly on the area of great pain and discomfort in the shoulders and neck the minutely specific neck and shoulder work that you chose for us was a revelation. Instead Kathryn guided me in an  innocent movement at the furthest point away from the pain.  This gave me time to discover for myself the actual ease and range of movement I already have.  Then by relaxing into the breath rather than causing contraction with stretching, the range of motion increased  ..  liberating!


A personally tailored practise is designed specifically for your own requirements to support your needs.  The approach offers simplicity and you will have a session that you can work on in the comfort of your own home and learn to develop as your needs change.

Message Kathryn or contact her for a chat to see how yoga may support your current needs.

Kathryn’s commitment and dedication to her practice and the care she brings to assist in guiding others is exceptional.  She shares her experience inclusively, working one to one or in specialist groups such as mental healthcare in hospitals and addiction in residential rehabilitation centres.  Pure inspiration.
Love and compassion shines through in her interaction with others. A rare gift.

Addictions Counsellor  Surrey

It’s a delight to experience Kathryn’s teachings. She offers both solid coherence and fluent poetics, an elegant and inspiring combination of right and left brain. Most importantly, she walks her talk with tremendous warmth and sincerity.

Sama Fabian IYN Yoga Elder & Cranial Sacral Therapist RCST

The scope of what may be offered in a session is client driven and totally dependent upon the requirements of the individual. They range from learning meditation to posture assessment with guidance for self-practice, or with assisted, adapted postures, as with Yoga Therapy.

Yoga Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Sessions

Phoenix Rising Yoga offers practitioner assisted yoga postures, embodying mindfulness. The session offers an opportunity to feel safe, supported, seen and heard, it is what we all need as humans to be validated as a human being.  Unfortunately this is not always available for us all in our daily lives so learning to establish this practice helps create life changing conditions.

A session typically includes an interactive dialogue process that is both open-ended and non-directive of the outcome of the session. Whatever happens in the present moment, physically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually or spiritually there is richness to be found not just in the physical, mental and emotional but also in relation to the bigger picture of one’s life, work, play, family, relationships and our relationship with our own desires for life achievements. Through this process of awareness the client is able to release old undigested experiences, traumas, personal beliefs and outmoded habitual patters in order to embrace life more fully with a new perspective.

Group sessions may achieve similar results. Enquire

iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation

An integrated practise offers a firm foundation of safety and wellness. This work is transformative helping us to live free from fear and to break out of negative thought patterns and emotional cycles whilst easing physical discomfort. This is the practice of iRest Yoga Nidra. Backed by modern research based methods as well as traditional yoga, meditation and relaxation it serves to reduce anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, post traumatic stress and chemical dependency. A session takes the form of a dialogue, a co-meditation, and is for anyone wishing to seek relief from a specific fear, thought process, unhelpful beliefs or destructive emotional cycles of behaviour.  The purpose of this approach is to welcome more physical ease of being and peace of mind. This is an invitation to connect with your deepest wisest self and to be more of who you truly are.

Yoga Nidra iRest Classes are also available.  Why not come and try a FREE class enquire

In the iRest session I was able to identify and release mental and emotional tensions stored in the body.   I felt safe and present to what I was feeling which allowed me to sense deeply into the physical and be guided through a process of observing, sensing and watching stress dissolve. Amazing. Thank you.

Paul Brighton Transformational Facilitator

“Depression is an unavoidable step in the appearance of spirit.”  1:28:30 Bhagavad Gita

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