On line Horsham Yoga

On line Horsham Yoga Classes Mondays and Wednesdays with Kathryn

MONDAY 11.15-12.30am morning 6.30-7.45pm evening

WEDNESDAY 11.15-1230 morning and 7.00-8.15pm evening

SATURDAY 10.30-11.45am morning

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The on-line class was so helpful, even though my daughter was in the room on her phone and the dog was playing with a ball. I was still able to zone out.  Diane

You will find that Zoom works really easily with a laptop, desktop or a tablet as they give a good view for our on line Horsham Yoga Class experience. Set up on a mobile phone is slightly different and I can offer help with this with anyone who may need a run thought a couple of days in advance of class.

More details of getting on to the Zoom platform are given below plus you will have the first class FREE to there is time for everyone to become confident with the set up to hear and see and hear and feel relaxed with Horsham on line Yoga Classes.

Practise setting up your Space in advance for Class

  • Make sure you will not be disturbed and that you have space to move your arms upwards, sideways, backwards and forwards unobstructed.
  • Lay out your yoga mat and have blankets, cushions etc set aside for when they may be needed. Be prepared to improvise for props like rolled up blanket for a bolster, dressing gown cord for a strap, sock for an eye pillow be inventive and really think carefully about deep-self care.
  • Make sure you device is fully charged and set it up so you can see yourself and surrounding space to show the whole of your full body on the screen whether sitting, lying down or standing. This means if you can see yourself then I will be able to see you too.

Joining on line Class/Meeting

  • You will receive an email from me with a link to the online class or Meeting as it is called on Zoom. The email will contain an ID and a Password.
  • Do check that horsham.yoga@gmail.com my email address is in your Contacts so the invitation I send you doesn’t end up in Junk
  • To join the class simply click on the link I send in the email. I will also send this on What’s App for those who are on the What’s App groups and may wish to use their phone.
  • You don’t need to download the Zoom App or register for a Zoom account UNLESS YOU ARE CONNECTING ON A MOBILE PHONE. All other devices the link I send will put you straight through to the Zoom platform. This is because I have opened a Premium Account.
  • If you are on a MOBILE DEVICE then please ENSURE YOU DOWNLOAD THE ZOOM APP in advance and register for an account, it is free. Then use the Password and ID you will see on the link I send you, click the link to get on to Zoom and follow the instructions.
  • I can help you with this if you are having problems. Please get in touch with me at least a couple of days before class and we can go through it together. Message me on 07761 679840.
  • Make sure you join the Class 10-15 mins before start time as you would a regular class. You will find yourself in a Waiting Room. I will click you in to enter before class is due to start.
  • Before class begins click Gallery view, top right hand corner, may be on the left on a tablet, everyone will appear in little squares around the screen.
  • We can talk before class to make sure we are all seen and heard and we can go through this together.
  • Ensure your video and speaker are turned on. If they are muted you will see a line through the icon for the speaker and for the microphone, just click to activate.
  • Once class begins and we stop chatting, I will ask you to change the screen view from Gallery to Speaker. This means you will see me occupy more of the screen so you can follow more easily, I will Mute your microphone so there is no background noise from your end and you will hear only my voice on the speaker. We will go through this together.
  • Any problems there is a chat button, a little wavy hand at the bottom of the screen and you can click on the hand icon and use that to text or simply wave your arms around to get my attention
  • Be prepared to have fun. There will be glitches!
  • Be prepared to be curious and to enjoy our time together
  • Do contact me in advance if you want to walk through the process

Fees and Bookings

  • Classes are £40 for five consecutive classes. Drop-in class is £10.
  • Payment can be PayPal or BACS just let me know your preference
  • If you are unable to attend please do let me know as someone else may be on a wait list and grateful to have a place
  • I will take your payment as confirmation of booking
  • Don’t hesitate to Contact me with any concerns or queries