Master Classes

Master Classes
Yoga Master Classes

Master Classes are offered over a two hour period Monday daytime and Monday and Wednesday evenings. This gives more time to dive deep into some of the favourite and often challenging aspects of practise so they my be suitably adapted to the needs of the individual.

Master Classes allow us to take a different perspective to developing our own yoga and meditation practise with the guidance of a Mentor.

There are daytime and evening 2hr Master Classes here suitable for all ranges of ability. Any questions please contact Kathryn

Feet as the Foundation of the Body

Sep 23 Tythe Barn  1815-2015 Fee £20

Oct 23 Friends RH12 1SW 1830-2030 Fee £20

The feet are the foundation that support the pillars of the body, the legs. They enable the whole body to balance and move safely and support the balance of the spinal column.   Come and explore the fundamental grounding and aliveness in yoga that comes from being in touch with the whole body dynamic through the feet exploring the natural pull of gravity and flow of breath that brings with it a fluidity of harmony to the spine.

Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga

Oct 28  Friends 1115-1315 Fee £20
Oct 28 Tythe 1815-2015  Fee £20

Dec 16 Friends 1115-1315 Fee £20

Daytime or evening classes. Supportive, safe and empowering.  Daytime or evening Restorative Yoga, gateway to stress release through deep relaxation to ease thru tension and enjoy improved mobility.  Includes a deliciously nourishing and deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra.

Chakras Mudras Mantra and Meditation

Dec 16 Tythe Barn RH13 5JF 1815-2015 Fee £20

Dec 18 Friends RH13 5JF 1830-2030 Fee £20

Meditation in ‘posturing’ thru the Chakras. Exploring the benefits of Mudra, hand or body gestures to enhance the breadth and depth of meditatively being in a body. Plus a tune-in to Mantra for the subtleties of focussing the mind on the heart all wrapped up in a delicious Yoga Nidra.