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Before I turned up, I was stressed tired, and didn’t feel like doing much to be honest.  The relaxing effects of the sound and yoga practice was really amazing – and I found that in addition to it aiding the poses, it also led to some release of emotions, which I am always grateful for and it makes me feel like I would like to do some more practice with extended sessions.



As one yoga teacher to another, I thoroughly enjoyed the day the group and the teachings. Plus, I learned a lot from your inspirational sharing of practises with which you are clearly totally familiar. I would like to think that in time I will naturally adopt an approach similar to yours.Your truth and authenticity shine through creating a safe container to challenge convention whilst creating community.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience and allowing freedom for us to explore.

Namaste, Kerry


I had been to some yoga classes in the past but Kathryn’s Restorative Yoga was a revelation. After ten stressful years, severe muscle tension had become a habit I seemed unable to break. My first class with Kathryn had an astonishing effect, bringing relief that was quite emotional. I’d been apprehensive about dealing with reduced mobility in my elbow (from an old fracture) but Kathryn’s knowledge and advice leaves me confident that that, too, can be overcome.  Just wish I’d started this class years ago.



Thank you so much for your lovely words. I don’t find it easy to listen to the body, but feel now that I am beginning to make progress.Thanks also for making me feel very welcome at your classes. I always enjoy that they are like life, ever-changing and at the same time always appropriate in content.  Working with you is always refreshing and completely different from the one size fits all routine of some yoga classes I’ve attended.



Chakras and Kundalini what a wonderful Let your Yoga Dance Workshop thank you. The whole morning was both enlivening and restorative. I appreciate the concept of mantras to save a situation and when enhanced with mudras and body movement as in this workshop they’re even better. Can’t wait to explore this medium of Meditation and Movement again.