About Kathryn Premshakti Varley Yoga Acharya

Yoga Practitioner Kathryn Premshakti Varley
Yoga Practitioner Kathryn Premshakti Varley

Yoga Practitioner Professionally Certified IYN Reg Elder

Yoga practitioner Kathryn brings over thirty five years experience.  She holds Advanced Yoga Alliance 1000 hour certification in Kripalu Yoga and is on a continuing journey of The Acharya based on the Acharya Intensive with Devarshi Steven Hartman and Jovinna Chan.

The foundation of her practise is meditation and in particular the non-dual teachings of Kashmir Shaivism as studied with her teacher Richard Miller PhD.  Kathryn is a Certified iRest®Yoga NidraTeacher.

She also holds certification in Sivananda Vedanta, Hot Yoga, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Yin & Yang Yoga with Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers and Let your Yoga Dance in the Kripalu Yoga tradition.  She continues to work with international teacher and author Donna Farhi and holds certification with Warriors at Ease for PTSD Sensitive Meditation and Adaptive Yoga incorporating the work of the Exalted Warrior Foundation.

Qi Gong features in her classes.   Kathryn shares her personal practise as she finds it helpful for students to become more connected with balance to the earth and to the flow of their breath to gain confidence in ease of movement whilst embodying relaxation.

Yoga, Dance and Music came together for Kathryn in 2017. In 2017 she started the first dance collective in her community with her colleague Nalini Deane. Dancemantra UK, you can find it on Facebook.  Together, each month they alternate with Kathryn sharing the joy of Let your Yoga Dance and Nalini with Dance of Awareness.

In 2015 along with 11 others, Kathryn was invited on a path of Acharya, a spiritual life study programme for teaching from life’s experience.

Her teachers bestowed on her the name Premshakti. Prem means love and shakti is the feminine power of the mother energy principle or catalyst for creativity, nurture, abundance and change.  Kathryn welcomes the privilege of connection to the ancestors and endeavour to carry the name with grace.

Teaching experience began 25 years ago at Harley Street Osteopaths.  Her yoga teacher was Osteopath and Yoga Teacher John Stirk, Fellow and Lecturer in Bio-Mechanics and Practical Osteopathy at the Royal College of Osteopaths, author of  The Original Body.  John’s practises were  influenced by time spent with Vanda Scaravelli in Italy and the teachings of Krishnamurti.

Kathryn continues to share yoga in community whether with special populations like her voluntary iRest yoga nidra work for the Sussex & Surrey Fibromyalgia Support Group or working with people challenged with addiction or mental illness.  She holds regular weekly classes, months workshops and retreats.

Still wondering   …. so what kind of yoga is it?

The most commonly asked question, ‘what kind of yoga is it.”  Sometimes the answer is not helpful unless yoga is put into a box, like a designer label, a style with the name of a person or lineage.   Yoga is more than a definition by any other name than Yoga.  Yoga it is a state of Being Present.

All practises are taught from the perspective of consciousness with the heart centred purpose of yoga, to develop awareness.   Students are encouraged to feel into the different Koshas and to know their own yoga as it begins to open to awareness from the inside, through the felt sense of embodiment.   In effect you could say that we do not do yoga, yoga does us until eventually there is no separation between Self and Yoga, we are One, this then is the integration of our polar opposites as in Hatha, right brain, left brain, masculine, feminine, sun and moon.  This is the meaning of Hatha Yoga and the purpose of iRest Yoga Nidra.

Local Groups in Horsham

Kathryn holds a local clinic offering private sessions for small groups and one to ones, particularly suitable for those seeking a deeper sense of peace, harmony and wellbeing. This may manifest as relief from pain, postural challenge, anxiety and depression or PTSD.

Special Needs

For 25 years she has worked with special needs including addictions in rehabs, mental health in psychiatric hospitals chronic pain including fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. She leads voluntary practice for the Sussex & Surrey Fibromyalgia Support Groups.

Her work with anatomists and osteopaths intensified her curiosity of body-mind mechanics and along with meditation internalised a foundation for her practice.

This combination of esoteric with structural form aids to intuit practices to best suit students needs so the body may receive the support and deep relaxation it needs to heal injuries, calm the nervous system and aid in restoring depleted energy reserves with a sense of calmness.

iRest Meditation

Kathryn’s weekly classes, monthly workshops, courses and annual retreats all include iRest meditation as well as Qigong.. As a consultant Yoga Elder she offers modules to support Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Teachers offering Post Graduate programmes.

She is available for professifonal consultancy and private one to one. All yoga shared is adaptive, remedial and therapeutic and is individually tailored to personal needs.

It is Kathryn’s absolute joy to share her practice with the community.

Come and practise with a Beginners Mind, for a Beginners Mind is always fresh and curious and a Beginners Mind never grows old.



The physical body is composed mostly of water. When we heighten fluid activities, whether it be circulation, intercellular fluids or interstitial fluids, we are heightening resonance within the fluid body.

This increased sensitivity allows access to our true nature, our natural power, our Life Force.

Life Force flows not just through the physical body but through our whole being. Life Force is that which connects us to one another and to all life. In yoga this is known as prana.

In the Martial Arts and Chinese tradition is called chi.

With ahimsa, a non-violent approach of no forcing and no compromise and satya, truthfulness, coupled with the willingness for self-study swadhayaya, comes the possibility of being at ease in body and mind with a heartfelt sense of our own true limitless nature.

Pure Being.


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