Horsham Yoga

Kathryn invites you to The Joy of Ageless Yoga. Discover a sense of being at ease a greater range of movement and fluidity.  Here you will find small group sessions and personally tailored private classes suitable for all ages and abilities.

First class is free.  With nothing to lose but tension Contact Kathryn now to receive an opportunity to safely and confidently explore your potential.  Embrace vitality and love of life and receive the gifts of abundance with the timeless teachings of yoga.

Mindful Living

Kathryn Varley
Kathryn Varley

Mindful Living invites you to start exactly where you are today in this body in this life at this age right in this moment.  Enjoy a natural restorative response with iRest yoga nidra, simply the deepest relaxation and complete practice you may ever know.

The focus of the practise is allowing, not trying to fix or change anything but to welcome it all as it is.  Each time we come to practise we begin again without the anxiety of expectation and with curiosity of a beginners mind.

Learn to build resilience and enjoy challenge as well as joy. Small groups at Horsham Yoga allow attention for individual needs.   Come and be amazed.  Take a FREE introductory class and decide for your Self.

Acknowledge everything as it is, watch resistance subside, open the senses and embrace your natural state of wellbeing.

Welcome the very Essence of Being human, of Presence itself.

Kathryn is a Yoga Acharya and  IYN Registered Yoga Elder.  She has a 34 year practise.  Certification includes Teacher of iRest® Yoga Nidra, Sivananda Vedanta and she holds a Yoga Alliance Professional 1000 hr Kripalu Yoga Teachers Certification (USA) including 500 hour Acharya Programme with Zen Spot Institute (USA).  She offers weekly classes monthly workshops, one to one’s at a private clinic as well as courses, retreats and support for teacher trainings and post graduate yoga programmes.

As an Osteopath attending her classes what impresses me most about Kathryn is how she learned from her own body process how best to help students work safely within their limits. She has awareness of both physical structure and subtle energies. Kathryn demonstrates deep care and attitude of service to her students.

J Sumerfield DO MRO Registered Osteopath Harley Street London

Welcome to Horsham Yoga Classes with Kathryn

A tantric view of nature, relationships and the universe where no thing or no one is left out, where every thing is included and viewed as a seamless whole in which Spirit and matter are inextricably inter-woven, interlinked all together.

In life we draw inspiration from those we meet until we finally meet our Self.  And it is then and only then, we realise we are our own best teacher