An opportunity to work with an experienced IYN Registered Yoga Elder. Safely explore your potential, discover ease and range of movement, freedom in personal expression and peace of mind.

Kathryn is a Certified Teacher of iRest® Yoga Nidra, Sivananda Vedanta and holds a Professional Level Kripalu Yoga Certification.  She offers weekly classes monthly workshops private one to one as well as coursesretreats and support for teacher trainings.  

Small groups allow attention for individual needs. Everyone welcome. Start where you are today.  Enjoy a natural restorative response with iRest yoga nidra, simply the deepest relaxation you may ever know.  Come and be amazed.

Embrace everything as it is, watch resistance subside, acknowledge your sense of pure joy. Welcome your essence as Presence itself.   First class FREE.  Nothing to lose but tension.

As an Osteopath attending her classes what impresses me most about Kathryn is how she learned from her own body process how best to help students work safely within their limits. She has awareness of both physical structure and subtle energies. Kathryn demonstrates deep care and attitude of service to her students.

                                                           J Sumerfield DO MRO Registered Osteopath Harley Street London 

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